Self Timer

I had something different planned for today, but after reading this post I could not resist experimenting with my camera’s self timer this morning.

hosted by Emily and the Anderson Family Crew….

Fortunately for you, I was wearing my brown yoga pants with an over sized black V-neck. No make-up. Bed bad hair. Its real life folks.

The good, the bad, and the “I desperately need to get dressed and put on some make-up.”

At least my kids are cute. And Stephen Small loved posing for the 40 + self timed pictures we took. Really. He totally hammed it up.

Why would I deny my readers such spectacular eye candy?

Hair cut and make up are in order ASAP.

Christmas Craft : Popsicle Stick Tree Ornament

Stephen Small and I made these popsicle stick tree ornaments the other day. We loved it. I did all the glue gunning and he placed the buttons.

My goal was to make a craft out of supplies we already had — no purchasing.

The inspiration came from here.

We painted the sticks with green finger paint then I cut them down and made the trees. All the buttons are from years of collecting extra ones that come with clothes.

To secure the twine I glued it between two popsicle sticks.

I used a glue gun, but maybe Elmer’s would work. Or super glue. I don’t know for sure — my glue knowledge is limited.

They are hanging happily on my kitchen window.

Crafts are good. Crafts are healthy. Crafts are good clean fun.

December is off to a good start.