Growing Boy

Growing Boy

what Stephen Small ate today:

a peanut butter sandwich
2 bananas
a small bowl of yogurt with blueberries
a “homemade” lunchable — crackers with ham and cheese
2 chicken nuggets
a serving of butter beans
2 cups of whole milk

these pictures are blurry, but i love them

The kid is eating us out of house and home.

so handsome in a collared shirt

And he’s growing like a weed!

Self Timer

Self Timer

I had something different planned for today, but after reading this post I could not resist experimenting with my camera’s self timer this morning.

hosted by Emily and the Anderson Family Crew….

Fortunately for you, I was wearing my brown yoga pants with an over sized black V-neck. No make-up. Bed bad hair. Its real life folks.

The good, the bad, and the “I desperately need to get dressed and put on some make-up.”

At least my kids are cute. And Stephen Small loved posing for the 40 + self timed pictures we took. Really. He totally hammed it up.


Why would I deny my readers such spectacular eye candy?

Hair cut and make up are in order ASAP.

Lu is great with child

Lu is great with child.

My sister, Lu, is great with child.
I don’t think she’d mind me telling you that.
It’s quite obvious.She’s expecting a girl in a few short weeks. I always knew she’d have a girl first. I just knew.

In light of this blessed event, she asked me to make a bow to adorn her hospital room door when the time comes. I was honored. This is the tutorial I followed. Since I had multiple ribbons, I layered them one on top of the other and pinned them together, making one giant thick layered ribbon to work with. I did not do the cutting step because this wired ribbon is very flexible.

Sorry, no pictures of the finished product. I don’t want to steal Lu Bob’s thunder.
I also made this little unborn lady-child some quilted pillows to match her nursery.

For those of you, like Lu, who are expecting your first baby and are wondering what to take to the hospital, here’s a good place to start. Below are the contents of a hospital bedside essentials bag. I put this together when I had Laurie, intended to do a post on it then, and never got around to it. Imagine that.

It contains:
note pad to write down your thoughts, names of those who bring you gifts, and questions you might want to remember to ask the doctors and nurses.
pens to write in the notepad and fill out birth certificate forms.

chap stick.
lip stick.
phone charger.
breath mints.

tissues in case you get emotional.

Pretty nifty, huh?
It’s nice to have all these things handy at the bedside before, during, and after the birthing.