Words of Wisdom

Take them or leave them….these are my words of wisdom.

Learn to take your coffee black.
Learn to love eggs and dried beans.
Say no.
Wear lipstick.
Get a hair cut and keep a hair cut.
Always have a good book on hand.
Budget and stick to it.
Have a land line (especially if you have young children).
When in doubt…bring sausage balls.*


*The last one, I must give full credit to my cousin, Bibba. She came up with this bit of life advice when she once had to decide what to take to a tailgate. She settled on sausage balls. People devoured them. So when in doubt of what to bring to a shower, a party, a tailgate, or Sunday school….just go with sausage balls. People will LOVE you for them.

What are your words of wisdom?

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